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Maya Feuertein

Our Mayush was born in the spring, in late March, and brought light to each room she entered, touched every guest who passed by, and met everyone with a smile, laughter, kindness, and peacefulness. Maya was Ben’s young sister. Ben was born a year before Maya, who managed to catch up to any age gap in the verbal, social and motor skill aspect. They grew up as twins.

Dror - Imri Aloni

Dror - Imri was diagnosed at the age of 10, which is extremely unusual

because neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that usually appears in babies up

to the age of 5.

Dror - Imri went through a bone marrow transplant at CHLA - Children's

Hospital in Los Angeles, the pioneers of autologous transplantation (1989),

and spent 50 days in a sterile bubble room (laminar flow unit).

The chance that the doctors gave us when he was diagnosed was 4%, and

against all odds, he won!

For ten years, Dror - Imri was theoretically "clean" and lived almost a "normal"

life, until severe back pain began. We quickly realized that it was a massive

relapse with an extension to the spine.

From the age of 20 until he died at the age of 34 there were repeated

recurrences, when every innovative treatment that was tried.

While undergoing chemotherapy treatments, Dror - Imri graduated from the

Technion as an industrial and management engineer and married his beloved


Until he finally passed away on 5.12.2012, after 24 years of brave battle.

Ways to volunteer:

Help us diagnose on time!

As a family of a patient, we would be happy if you could share with us your story about your child’s symptoms till diagnosis. This information will assist with raising awareness to neuroblastoma, and support early diagnosis, which can literally save kids’ lives.

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